A unique mix for making any kind of sweet leavened product from classic breakfast pastries – such as sweet rolls, croissants, brioches, and Danish pastries – to traditional local products – such as rum baba, Venetian focaccia and Frankfurt Kranz – as well as many other sweet treats tied to traditions and festivities. My Sweet Mix allows you to make tons of recipes with just one product, thus optimizing both your time management and lab space. Thanks to this semi-finished product, you will actually be able to reduce preparation times and prevent waste.

1 bag x 10 kg
Application :
Halal Italia
Palm Oil Free
Allergy Information:
Tale prodotto è fabbricato e confezionato in una struttura che contiene prodotti con arachidi e prodotti derivati, frumento/glutine, prodotti a base di uova, latticini, prodotti a base di soia e di noci e derivati. Raccomandiamo fortemente che i consumatori leggano sempre attentamente gli ingredienti e tutte le informazioni sul prodotto.