Così Drink

Passion, innovation, and quality are the main ingredients in this revolutionary beverage line designed by Regium. Così Drink products can be used for preparing both comforting warm drinks and thirst-quenching cold beverages, and are therefore ideal to indulge your clients with something innovative and tasty all day long. All the references of this line of products are made with selected raw ingredients and are without hydrogenated-vegetable fats.

9 Item(s)

  • così drink BLACK TEA AND YUZU
    The intense flavor of black tea combined with the multifaceted fragrance of yuzu, a special citrus from the Asiatic tradition.
  • così drink GINSENG AND GINGER
    A tasty beverage that combines ginseng properties with fresh ginger notes, providing the appropriate boost at any time of the day.
  • così drink GOLDEN COCONUT MILK
    Golden-yellow, fragrant, and rich in properties; this delicious and functional beverage, made with notes of coconut milk and turmeric, is a time-honored tradition.
  • così drink MANDORLATTE
    A sweet indulgence for every moment of the day: exquisite notes of almond and milk in an enchanting beverage.
  • così drink MATCHA LATTE
    Straight from Japan, this precious and bright green tea with amazing properties is enjoyed as a special milk-based beverage.
  • così drink MOCHA
    The pleasant taste of cocoa enriched with notes of coffee and caramel in an overwhelming combination of flavors.
  • così drink SALTED CARAMEL
    The perfect balance of sweet and savory notes of salted caramel in an unforgettable beverage characterized by the contrast of flavors.
    The sweet taste of strawberries enriched with delightful cream notes in an irresistible beverage.