Cremose & Spumosa

Regium Cremose is an exclusive line of complete and pre-balanced products, created to prepare delicious frozen creams with a full, smooth texture and rich, creamy flavor. As for the classic flavor of coffee, there are two alternatives available: Coffee Cremosa or Caffettissimo. Coffee Cremosa produces an icier texture while Caffettissimo boasts a creamier, whipped consistency more similar to frozen mousse. Spumosa Coffee is a ready-to-use and versatile powdered product that only requires the addition of milk or water to prepare different frozen treats with the flavor or pure espresso. Depending on the method of preparation, Spumosa Coffee makes it easy to obtain velvety and foamy frozen creams, delicious granita, or refreshing iced coffees boasting a consistently delightful flavor. Ideal to be served as a small dessert or for a sweet break, all the products of the line are customizable with whipped cream, coffee, and any kind of grains and decorations to always offer new and original flavor combinations.

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    Caffettissimo boasts a creamy and whipped texture, more similar to a frozen mousse, with a defined coffee flavor.
    A full flavor reminiscent of Italian cappuccino for creating frozen creams with a smooth and velvety texture.
    A pure espresso flavor for creating frozen creams with a smooth and velvety texture.