PinoPinguino is the revolutionary dessert accessory for gelato that, even at negative temperatures, remains soft and creamy enough to melt in your mouth, offering a pleasurable culinary experience. The perfect harmony of their ingredients gives PinoPinguino products a genuine flavor that is rich and enveloping. Moreover, their exceptional texture makes them extremely multipurpose inclusions, fit to be used in countless ways and for the most original recipes. Use its smooth versions to prepare refreshing shakes for summer and tempting hot drinks for winter.

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    Pino Pinguino® classic boasts a delightful chocolate-hazelnut flavor. The reasons behind its success include: the unmatched softness that is maintained even in freezing temperatures, the delicious and authentic flavors, and its ability to be used in multiple applications
  • PINOPINGUINO (bottle)
    Pino Pinguino® classic boasts a chocolate-hazelnut flavor and is unique in its ability to stay soft in a frozen environment. Pino Pinguino® classic is also available in a bottle version, which allows the user to decorate gelato pans easily and quickly