Regium Frappè products can easily be prepared with fast results. They simply require blending the powdered mix, skim milk, and ice cubes until a smooth and creamy beverage is obtained. By varying the proportions of ingredients, you can create drinks with different textures: from icy to softer and creamier mouthfeels. Smoothies can be personalized and enriched with fresh fruit or coffee; alternatively, they are perfect for flavoring with selections from the Fruit or Syrup product lines, to consistently create new recipe inspiration, resulting in amazing tastes.

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    Lo smoothie al gusto di cioccolato è una bevanda fresca al gusto intenso di cioccolato, perfetta per la prossima estate in gelateria. Un prodotto facile e veloce da preparare, ancor più buono se accompagnato da fragole o frutta secca.