Bases - Cold desserts

The Five Star Chef Bases for Cold Desserts are a rich and varied selection of premium powdered products. They are versatile and easy-to-use neutral bases, essential for preparing a wide array of recipes to then be customized with Five Star Chef Flavorings. Ideal for preparing any kind of semifreddo (to be served at negative temperatures) or mousse, Bavarian cream, aspic, and pudding (to be served at positive temperatures), they all feature excellent texture and long-lasting hold.

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    Powder product for the preparation of mousses, Bavarian cream and desserts to be served at positive temperatures and customized with Five Star Chef Flavorings (Traditional Paste and Pannacrema-Pastry Compounds). Cremapone PreGel, with its delicate cream flavor, is also excellent to be used without any added flavor for the preparation of Saint Honoré or sponge cake with filling.
    High-quality product for easily preparing delicious entremets to be customized and flavored to taste.
    Fiordica Gel Evolution is a complete powder product with exceptional jelling, thickening and stabilizing properties; perfect to create many specialties such as mousses, Bavarian creams, pannacottas, and many other delicacies such as aspics and gelées… It is ideal to be used for all cold desserts that are consumed at positive temperatures, but that can also be stored at negative temperatures.
    PreGel HappyTorte is an innovative product that is designed to give a soft consistency to desserts even when kept in a cold case (-14°C). A great product all year-long that allows you to diversify your menu offerings and lengthen the selling season. Created through PreGel’s innovation, it does not contain milk derivatives.
    Stabilizer to enhance the texture of whipped cream, perfect for whipped cream decorations that hold well even in hot climate and maintain their shape.
    Product in powder with vegetable fats, used to prepare a vegetable cream with a very stable structure, perfect for decorating cups and frozen desserts. It can be flavored with PreGel Traditional Pastes or Pannacrema - Pastry Compounds.
    This powdered base produces a light and creamy mousse or a sublime semifreddo with a soft, velvety texture, both of which can be flavored with any of PreGel Traditional Pastes or Five Star Chef Pastry-Compounds.