Fillings & stuffings

Five Star Chef presents a wide selection of cream and fruit fillings for both hydrate and anhydrous bases that ensure flawless results. The Five Star Chef Fillings are rich in flavor and boast different textures; some have a smooth and velvety texture, whereas others are thicker and rich in crunchy pieces such as biscuits, nuts, wafers, and grains. They are ideal for countless pastry applications including use as a stuffing or garnish, as a filling for pralines and baked goods, or as an ingredient for tasty pastry specialties.

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    Lucilla™ is a creamy spread made with cocoa and hazelnuts, and it was created to better meet the needs of all professionals in the confectionery filed. Lucilla™ is the key ingredient to turn all your creations into true artworks, combining extreme ease of use with the guarantee of optimal results all the time. This version is Palm Oil Free.
  • Arabeschi Red Velvet
    Inspired by the original red-dough cake from the US this hydrate-based Arabeschi® boasts a sweet and pleasant vanilla taste and is enriched with soft sponge cake pieces.