Behind any successful dessert, albeit a traditional cake or an innovative and creative delicacy, there is always the same secret: excellent raw materials which constitute the basis of all pastry confections. In order to facilitate the pastry chef’s daily work, PreGel offers Five Star Chef Bases, a complete range of superior dessert solutions made with carefully selected ingredients that are accurately combined to ensure high performance and excellent results. The perfect balance of ingredients results in desserts which consistently boast optimal taste and texture. Moreover, the Five Star Chef Bases allow a reduction in the number of ingredient weightings, thus minimizing the risk of mistakes, preparation time, and labor costs. From the products for baked goods to those used to create semifreddos and desserts, thanks to continuous research, PreGel offers unique and efficient solutions to meet not just the needs of all professional chefs, but also those of end consumers.

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    Complete powder product to prepare gluten-free cones and wafers. Easy-to-use with its wafer pan, it enables the gelato chef to offer customers a completely homemade, gluten-free vegan product.