Flavoring powders

The Five Star Chef Flavoring Powders are highly-concentrated and perfectly soluble. They are great for adding a very natural cheesecake, coconut, mascarpone or yogurt flavor to all desserts to be served at negative temperatures - such as semifreddos - or at positive temperatures - such as mousses, creams, and Bavarian creams. Moreover, they can be used to add flavor hues to baked goods.

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    A cold process, fat-free product for obtaining gelato with the authentic flavor of the famous American dessert. This Flavoring Powder is also great for adding a natural flavor to pastry creations.
    An authentic summer breeze: PreGel Il Cocco is a concentrated powder characterized by its delicate flavor of coconut and by its rich content of irresistible coconut sprinkles. It can be also used in many pastry applications.
    A concentrated powder product that can be added to a milk base to obtain a gelato with the aroma of fresh mascarpone. This product is perfect for many pastry applications.