Yogurt Gelato

In 1985 PreGel launched Yoggi®, the first yogurt-flavored gelato. Developed from the strong intuition of our founder, and through hard work and research, PreGel’s yogurt-flavored gelato revolutionized the artisan gelato market, introducing a new product category. The launch of soft serve, Frozen Yoggi®, has given life to the proliferation of both large international chains of yogurt shops, as well as thousands and thousands of independent retailers around the world.

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  • FROZEN YOGGI N.2 (salable only with product cod. 04851)
    The genuine flavor of Frozen Yoggi® now with an additional feature: milk cultures. The 2-bags packaging format (cod. 04841 and cod. 04851) results in a better shelf life for the added milk cultures while maintaining the unmatchable taste of PreGel Frozen Yoggi® . The 2 bags must be always used together.